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What is FantasyLabs?

Fantasy Labs is a lineup builder for daily fantasy sports that aims to turn any committed player into a consistent winner. Aimed at trend creation and analysis, Fantasy Labs puts well-designed mathematical tools at your fingertips, allowing you to craft the ultimate DFS team in the most popular sports. Using cutting-edge data, FantasyLabs brings the industry’s best tools and content straight to your fingertips.

FantasyLabs Lineup Builder and Optimizer

Using filters like Vegas lines, upside probability, performance consistency, salary changes and more, you can get long-term trends and projections for all the players and teams in your chosen sport. These models and algorithms take would normally professional DFS players hours upon hours to formulate, but you can enjoy them at FantasyLabs instantly. The team at FantasyLabs puts serious effort into giving you the best models possible for winning team creation.

Filter sliders mean that you can take factors into account more, or less, depending on how you see fit, and create multiple line-ups that are subtly different, depending on the selection criteria applied. It's in this way that people spread their risk in the big daily fantasy contests, and ensure success for at least one of their teams. The stats generator is intelligent, meaning it can recognize stats streaks, monitoring form in a fraction of a second.

You can build and save all your lineups, then export them straight to DraftKings as soon as you're done. This is a real plus — if you're entering multiple lineups, you might save hours on the usual team entry process, and get a lot more enjoyment from your fantasy sports too. Should you run into trouble, there's excellent customer support, available on email or chat. They get back to your queries promptly, and if you need a solution now-this-minute, there is also a well-populated FAQ section.


FantasyLabs brings you MLB, NFL, NBA and the PGA golf tour, but there are plans to expand into other sports soon. Each sport is analyzed exhaustively, with stats brought to your screen, but the great thing is, if you need more general advice, there are also great articles to give you inspiration for your daily fantasy management. Each writer and analyst is an expert on that specific sport, so you know you're paying for a tailored service.

How to Get Started

When you get started on FantasyLabs, the sign-up process is very simple, but all features are paid - there's no free-trial version of this service. You can try FantasyLabs for five days to get the feel of it, and that's $15 in total - but for a longer commitment, you're paying a minimum of $42 a month. It's worth signing up, even for that sort of money - the level of analysis is highly detailed, and FantasyLabs is endorsed by very big winners in daily fantasy sports.

Sign up, and you instantly get given access to pro models from DraftKings millionaire Peter Jennings (CSURAM88) and Jonathan Bales, a daily fantasy sports expert. They know their sports inside out, but they also know the details, meaning that you're sure to get an edge on the opposition if you take heed of their advice. Sign up today and get access to all of their premium tools!


FantasyLabs might seem a bit overwhelming to the daily fantasy sports novice, but once you've taken on board the excellent pro models, which have been tried and tested out there in the leagues and have made millions, you'll find that it gets progressively easier to build top-ranking line-ups. This premium service costs money, yes, but it's relative - if you play daily fantasy sports and enter more than one line-up, you're already the kind of committed player who will get the most from the program. FantasyLabs is not just for the experts - there's enough support make anyone a winner, with the right amount of hard work on your side.

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