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What is RotoTracker?

RotoTracker isn't just a way to check your winnings and manage your performance in daily fantasy sports. It's also a full-blown tracker that works across multiple DFS sites, all integrated into one simple page. Never again will you have to download massive Excel sheets and split your screens between DraftKings and FanDuel to compare your performance in the games. Now you can control everything from one place - and that's the control that puts your mind at ease because it benefits your bottom line!

RotoTracker: Results Tracking for Daily Fantasy Sports


At the moment, RotoTracker supports every sport that you can play on the leading DFS providers FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo! and DraftDay. Stay tuned for further news, as this may expand in the future, but this still gives you a great base to work from, covering all the most popular DFS platforms in one easy-to-use app. Because everything is covered, the new European soccer offerings from DraftKings and FanDuel are trackable within RotoTracker.

RotoTracker is future-proof, so even if you play in thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of contests, the software will keep pace with you and provide you with the data you need, right here, right now. The site also supports and follows strictly the terms and conditions of all DFS sites supported. The DFS sites supply the data in CSV files anyway, so all RotoTracker is doing is offering a new way to view, analyze and manipulate it. This is the X-factor it brings.

The analysis provided by RotoTracker is great for use with any of the supported sports. Whether you're playing a stats-dominated game like NFL, or a more free-flowing sport like soccer, RotoTracker will help you get the edge on the opposition using custom-made diagrams that will draw the trends between contests and show you where you've gone wrong and where you need to improve.

How To Get Started

Simply sign up for RotoTracker (it takes mere seconds), and enter your accounts with the top DFS platforms, and choose what data you want the program to analyze. It's that easy. Remember, though - RotoTracker is focused on being a great bankroll and results tracker. It uses the CSV files the sites produce to collate your data and provide analysis of entry cost, finishing position, amount won, and other relevant details.


The cool-looking user interface is a cut above a lot of other DFS software on the market right now. and it's backed-up with what you can do on the application to measure your DFS in-game performance week-on-week, day-by-day.

Everything flows, because the software is great at processing the information it is given, and super-responsive when it receives new information. It's also intelligent - it'll tell when it sees duplicate data, and not count it, meaning you can upload your CSV files for total confidence that everything is working in your favor. And the cool new thing is dashboard sharing, which allows you to show others your DFS data. It's an opt-in feature, and it means your DFS community can all share in the good news.

RotoTracker gives you the edge on your fellow players by drilling down into your results, with an extensive range of graphs, reports, features and filtering options meaning that the low-level leisure user will get what he or she wants, but the power-user will get all the resources needed to make great money in daily fantasy sports.

Try RotoTracker for yourself, and feel the clarity, as you understand not just WHAT happened in DFS, but WHY it happened, and HOW you can improve in future. This app takes the analysis of professional sports teams, and gives it to you, and it couldn't be simpler to use.

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Analyze Your DFS Performance