Daily Fantasy Basketball: Top 50 Point Guard Rankings

For 99% of the sports watching population, September is all about the start of the NFL and the pennant races in baseball. Fantasy football owners spend countless hours at work tinkering with the upcoming week's line-up while e-mails go unanswered.

There is just far too much going on in the sports world for most fans to even start thinking about the upcoming NBA season. But for the really hardcore NBA fans and fantasy basketball players, September is just the right time to start thinking about the upcoming season and your upcoming fantasy drafts.

For these rankings, we will be using the ESPN/CBS standard 8 category head-to-head scoring system: Points, Threes, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, FG% and FT%.

Daily fantasy basketball sites use variations of the categories systems depending on which site you are playing on.

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry celebrates a made shot.

#1 - Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Curry isn't the best PG in the NBA – that distinction still belongs to Chris Paul for the foreseeable future –  but he is a fantasy superhero. Ranked third among all players in my projections (and possibly the top dog in dynasty drafts), Curry wins the top PG slot for his efficiency and bulk three point shooting. Curry isn't just good at all the important PG categories, he's great at all of them.

The only reason you should even consider not making Curry your top PG this year is his two bad ankles which always threaten to keep him out of some action.

High Risk/Reward

#9 - Ricky Rubio, Minnesota Timberwolves

Rubio has the tools to be an elite fantasy player. He can win you categories (assists, steals) on his own when he's hot, but he can be a category killer (FG%) when he's not. He will have to increase his abysmal 36% FG rate this year and stay healthy (Rubio has played less than 100 games in two years in the league) to be a top asset, but if he does these things, he could end the season as a Top 5 Fantasy PG.

Steal Of The Draft

#13 - Eric Bledsoe

I struggled with where to rank Bledsoe. I love the opportunity he's going to get in Phoenix, and I think he has the potential to be the best steals guy in the NBA. I really wanted to find a spot for him in the Top 10, but there's just too many proven point guards in the NBA.

What's most interesting about Bledsoe is he really provides in all categories, whereas you can't expect rebounds and steals from most point guards. It remains to be seen if he can become a more efficient scorer, but if you see Bledsoe slipping past the Top 15 PGs or Top 50 overall players, you're going to get a big steal that will provide value across all categories.

1Curry, Stephen
2Paul, Chris
3Irving, Kyrie
4Westbrook, Russell
5Rose, Derrick
6Wall, John
7Williams, Deron
8Conley, Mike
9Rubio, Ricky
10Parker, Tony
11Lillard, Damian
12Ellis, Monta
13Bledsoe, Eric
14Lawson, Ty
15Walker, Kemba
16Rondo, Rajon
17Teague, Jeff
18Jennings, Brandon
19Holiday, Jrue
20Calderon, Jose
21Hill, George
22Dragic, Goran
23Lowry, Kyle
24Lin, Jeremy
25Nash, Steve
26Evans, Tyreke
27Felton, Raymond
28Vasquez, Greivis
29Nelson, Jameer
30Carter-Williams, Michael
31Knight, Brandon
32Jack, Jarrett
33Shumpert, Iman
34Burke, Trey
35Williams, Lou
36Ridnour, Luke
37Jackson, Reggie
38Robinson, Nate
39Miller, Andre
40Williams, Mo
41Sessions, Ramon
42Thomas, Isaiah
43Collison, Darren
44Chalmers, Mario
45Schroeder, Dennis
46Wyatt, Khalif
47Harris, Devin
48Blake, Steve
49Udrih, Beno
50Augustin, DJ
FantasyWired Staff

FantasyWired Staff