10 Must-See NFL Moments from Week 15

10 Must-See NFL Moments from Week 15 0001

If you didn't watch the Giants-Panthers game on Sunday, you missed an epic showdown between two of the top players in football. We highlight some of the best moments from that game and others from around the league on Sunday.

Ol' Dirty Beckham Jr.

By now, you've heard of the infamous OBJ-Norman fights during the Panthers-Giants game. At least those roughness penalties made-up for that touchdown OBJ dropped earlier.


Now, That's "Brotherly Love"

If you were curious what the schoolyard taunt "I'll run through your whole defense" would actually look like in real life, Cardinals RB David Johnson is glad to demonstrate.

Double Header

I know they refer to it as "trucking", but a helmet isn't exactly like a bug on your windshield.

Freakish Floyd

You know that one thing in your life that you're most proud of accomplishing? Michael Floyd thinks that's just adorable.

San Diego Ball Return Service

Philip Rivers looks like Martin Short's old Ed Grimley character running up to that football. The Play went exactly as Rives drew it up in his toe-shaped head.

On a Serious Note...

It may be held together by roach guts, leak-water from the pipes, and was the sire they shot all those Saw movies but Qualcomm Stadium was the house that Philip Rivers, Malcolm Floyd, and Antonio Gates built.

The Misadventures of the Oakland Raiders

Fans can't catch. Justin Tuck has to readjust his celebration with Derek Carr — the Raiders are a cartoon of a football team.

Bernard the Bulldozer

Poor Eric Reid of the 49ers is just trying to get to the end of a miserable season, and Giovanni Bernard happens on his head. Have a heart!

My Cousin Kirk-y

Was someone planning on maybe tackling Kirk Cousins on his way to a score? No?

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