How to Win Free Money on DraftKings

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A Short Guide on How to Win Free Money on DraftKings

One of the toughest decisions facing a new daily fantasy sports player is what site to play on. Each site has a unique scoring system and roster setup for almost every sport. So playing multiple sites can give you a few different variations of the same sport. But before you can play multiple sites, you need to start with one. And DraftKings is the perfect option, especially since you can make money on the site for free!

Simply Signing Up Can Get You Free Money on DraftKings

Signing up is easy. Just use this DraftKings link and fill out the form.

If you choose to deposit money, you will get a free ticket for a $3 entry and 100% deposit bonus.

But if you don't want to deposit yet, you can still win money on DraftKings through their daily freerolls.

Winning Free Money on DraftKings Daily Freerolls

DraftKings offers a freeroll every day for every sport. These freerolls are always listed in red. The easiest way to find them is by sorting the lobby by entry fee, in ascending order.

How to Win Free Money on DraftKings 101

The top 5 finishers in every freeroll earn a Step 1 ticket (worth $2). If you can climb the step ladder and advance to Step 4, you can win $200. Steps 1-3 are 10-man leagues with 1st and 2nd getting a ticket to the next level and 3rd and 4th getting a ticket to the same level. Step 4 is a 6-man league with 1st and 2nd winning $200 and 3rd getting a Step 4 ticket.

Refer a Friend, Earn Free Cash on DraftKings

This is another way for you to make free money without ever playing game. Just go to the DraftKings Refer-a-Friend page, find your personal code and share it with friends. If your friends sign up through that code, you will get credit for referring them. You get 20-35% commission on whatever your referrals play. They also offer referral promotions, giving you and your friends tickets to real-money contests (in addition to the commission).

DraftKings Beginner Games

On top of the ability to win free money on DraftKings, the site also offers games specifically for beginners. These games are only available to users that have played less than 50 games for a given sport. There is a full selection of game types: H2H, 50/50s, tournaments, etc. and you know that you will only be facing other new players.

It is a great way to get learn the basics in real money games and not have to worry about being at big disadvantage.

Getting Started

If you are ready to get started on DraftKings, just sign up and jump in. Whether you want to try out real money games against other new players or try to build your bankroll without ever making a deposit, DraftKings is the site for you!

FantasyWired Staff

FantasyWired Staff