25 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names from the Movie Anchorman

25 Hilarious Fantasy Football Team Names from the Movie Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy

There’s many different ways to express yourself in your fantasy football league. Perhaps you are the guy with the awesome avatar. Maybe you talk the best smack on the message board. But the surefire way to be the envy of your friends is to have an amazing fantasy football team name. Hell, it may even turn your season around!

The movie Anchorman produced dozens of quotables that you and your circle of friends, no doubt, still use today. Below, we’ll help you recycle the best ones to use as your fantasy team name. Sure, some will need tweaking to make them fantasy football relevant, but you’re up to the task. Now, on to the names.

brian fantana anchorman movie

1. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater: Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd) has names for his testicles. Apparently his right went to medical school. Perhaps your friends won’t easily recognize this reference which will give you the chance to explain it. You win already.

brick tamland

2. Polite and Rarely Late: How Brick describes himself at the beginning of the movie. He also goes on to say that later in life a doctor tells him that he has an IQ of 48, and that he’s what some people call “mentally retarded.”

3. By the Beard of Zeus: What Ron says when he sees Veronica Corningstone for the first time at the ratings celebration party. If you really love the quote, why not wear it on your chest for all the world to see?

4. Kind of a Big Deal: One of the most quoted lines in the entire movie. How Ron describes himself to Veronica when she says she didn’t know who he was. Through all of his ramblings to try and impress Veronica, while the timing was bad, the statement was true. In San Diego, Ron was a pretty big deal.

anchorman smells of rich mahogany

5. Smells of Rich Mahogany: When Ron is stumbling through his words trying to impress Veronica, he starts rattling off that he has “many leather bound books” and his apartment “smells of rich mahogany.” All this time, we thought he lived in a house.

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