Why Choose DraftHero?


  • Easy sign-up process
  • The most popular DFS sports available
  • Attractive user interface


  • No soccer, golf or eSports
  • Mechanics feel a little outdated in places

Sports and Leagues


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Single = +1 PTs
Double = +2 PTs
Triple = +3 PTs
Home Run = +4 PTs
Run Batted In = +1 PTs
Run = +1 PTs
Base on Balls = +1 PTs
Hit By Pitch = +2 PTs
Stolen Base = +2 PTs
HRB = +1 PTs
Out (bats – hits) = -25 PTs


Inning Pitched = +1 PTs
Strike Out = +1.5 PTs
Win = +1 PTs
Earned Run = +1.25 PTs

DraftHero App

The DraftHero App

The DraftHero app is currently only available from the Apple App Store, but it is thought that an Android version will follow – though due to Google’s ban on the direct sale of gambling apps through its Play Store, you’re likely to have to download it from the web browser on your device.

Small and fast, the DraftHero app should work on all versions of iOS and all Apple devices, not needing great processing power to run. All the contests and games you can find on the big-brother desktop version of DraftHero are there to play on the smaller mobile version.

All the player stats and game information available on your computer are there on iOS devices, through the DraftHero app, for you to see. Although it’s perhaps not as up-to-the-minute as some of the very biggest daily fantasy sports apps, the company has done the right thing in our opinion by sacrificing some of the prettiness possible on apps that user more memory, for speed.

Our Comprehensive DraftHero Review

DraftHero may be a new name for many daily fantasy sports players, but it’s a site well worth watching out for, with action from all the top sports in North America, plus scoring systems you’ll find easy to use, and a user interface that is as easy as pie. This DraftHero review will explain what you can expect to find on this site, and whether or not you should consider using it.

DraftHero has the four most popular sports in North America – American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey, as fantasy contests. There is also a wide variety of contests to play, including Head to Head and Double Ups. If you want to practice picking and entering teams, you can also enter the Freeroll, which gives you unlimited opportunity to play without losing any money.

Here are some more great features of DraftHero:

  • Daily Alleyoop contests with $90 to $1,800 in prizes
  • Contest entries that go from free to more than $100
  • The possibility to win prizes even on some freerolls

Entering DraftHero Tournaments

DraftHero makes it as easy as possible to get into the serious business of daily fantasy sports. But how do you enter?

  • From the lobby choose the contest you would like to enter and then select the entry fee and prize or choose a free practice contest
  • Once you’ve chosen your contest you’ll need to pick your ultimate fantasy team for that day or week’s games
  • Pick one player from each category who you think will score the most fantasy points – in most games this is a matter of selecting one player from each position on the field
  • Once the games start your players accumulate points based on how they perform in the game

DraftHero Review: Usability

Unlike some sites out there, DraftHero is not going to present complex graphics that might put a strain on your bandwidth – rather it loads up quickly and just gives you the bare essentials you need to pick your team. You’re unlikely to need to access any help screens to navigate this user interface.

  • Players are easily identified by photos
  • Top picks appear as tips at the side of the screen
  • A timer counts down how long you have to pick for upcoming contests
  • Tournament types that it is possible to play are always on top, so you can easily toggle between them
  • Stripped-down rules and scoring mean it’s a very fast job to pick a team, and you don’t even need to have vast knowledge of the sport

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