10 Must-See NFL Moments from Week 6

Unless you have DirecTV and Aaron Rodgers-like vision, it’s nearly impossible to catch every NFL play during the weekend. Lucky for you, we captured 10 of the best (and worst) moments from Week 6 and fit them into one article for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. The Worst Play in NFL History

No explanation. Just watch it over and over again. And laugh. Like we did.


2. Seahawks’ Trick Play

You can take the boy out of the college play, but you can’t take the college play out of the boy. Pete Carroll definitely tapped into his former USC days with this play-call, which, coincidentally, USC achieved the exact same play on Saturday versus Notre Dame. This could’ve been disastrous for Seattle – and it should have been picked off by Carolina – but Ricardo Lockette’s concentration preserved it from, “Why would Wilson do that?” to “Holy $h#* what a play!”


3. Seattle’s Legion of Gloom

And then this happened. Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman look perplexed. Let me spell it out for you:

Seattle, do you need the Heimlich? Because you straight choked.


4. The Golden Tate “TD Reception”

  1. It’s Golden Tate. Never has he been in a reception controversy before. Nope. Never.
  2. Tate caught the ball in front of the goal line – so, A TOUCHDOWN – then had the ball ripped from his hands by Kyle Fuller. Fuller’s hand didn’t touch the ball until after it had crossed the goal line. Unlike Calvin Johnson’s thoughts on this play, this is not hard to grasp here, folks: That’s a touchdown.
  3. …really? You’re still going to complain about it? Yeah, because if there’s one oppressed team who may deserve a break in their football lives, it’s not the Cleveland Browns of the AFC in Detroit.
  4. Obligatory #DezCaughtIt, considering all of the comparisons you’ll hear and see between these two plays all week, too.

5. DeAndre Hopkins’ Helmet Catch

Sometimes in football, you have to use props. Like your helmet.


6. Damarious Randall: The Deflector

The Chargers are denied in their last-ditch effort to tie (or beat) the Packers, who stay unbeaten.


7. Sound Guy Problems

I love how at the end, Justin Forsett flicks his wrist and tosses two fingers in the air like, “Meh. Just ruined thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Deal with it.”


8. Marvin Jones is Gumby

Marvin Jones flies through the air and lands like he was just ejected from a wind shield. By the way his arms bended, I’m surprised they aren’t broken. This is proof: Marvin Jones is Gumby.


9. Reshad Jones Pick-Six

You have to appreciate the dolphin-spin into the endzone.


10: Torrey Smith Burns His Former Team

You know that had to feel good for Torrey Smith, who took it all the way home off of a beautiful 76-yard pass from Colin Kaepernick.

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