95 Fantasy Football Team Names for 2016

The best time of the year is upon us, football fans. The season is full of promise, the draft provides endless possibilities and, let’s be real, in a few weeks this beautiful lineup that seems like perfection is going to be 3-2 and you’re going to be scouring the waiver wire wishing you had Alfred Morris on your team.

While there is no guarantee you win the season, we can help guarantee you win an equally important competition: who has the cleverest team name.

If puns aren’t your thing, we have you covered with everything from Game of Thrones (Hold the Gore) to pop songs (If You Siemian Da Club) to the latest binge-watching sensation Stranger Things (The Upside Brown). Draft Ezekiel Elliot? We hope Zeke and Ye Shall Find an incredible winning season. And if you don’t, at least your competitors can marvel at your squad name. So, check out this list of nearly 100 fantasy football possibilities and be sure to draft for peak value and peak punny potential to ensure you look smart both setting and naming your lineup.

NFL Sunday Million


Abbrederis Bueller’s Day Off
Abdullah Oblongota
All About That Case
The AP Style Guide
Bad Romonce
Best of Luck
Blame it on the Bosa Nova
Blood and Gore
The Bolden, The Beautiful
Brady with the Good Hair
Brees Lightning
Buck Nekkid
Bunches of Funchess
Carr Me Maybe
Clever Gurly
Cobb Salad
Dak That Ass Up
Dak to the Future
Dazed and Concussed
Dexter McClusterfuck
Dezed and Confused
Dirty Landry
Do You Even Lift, Breaux?
Double Decker Club
Eli Eli O
Ertz So Good
Everybody Ertz Sometimes
Finding Dorial
Fleener Pastures
The Forsett Awakens
Gio Safari
Goff Drops
The Golden Tate Warriors
Good Morning Rob Aguayo
A Gurley Has No Name
Gurly Man
Hands on a Harbaughdy
Hanging with Amari Cooper
Hey Jordy, It’s Your Birthday
Hold the Gore
Hopeless Romontic
Hyde and Zeke
Hyde Your Kids, Hyde Your Wife
I Snead More Cowbell
If Peeing Your Pants Is Cool, I’m Vontae Davis
If You Siemian Da Club
Ingramatically Correct
Irish Carr Bomb
It’s Cromartie and I’ll Cry If I Want to
Ladies and Edelman
Let’s Go to Jamaal
Let’s Have a Kuechly
Le’Veon the Edge
Lockett Up
The Marshall Plan
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
Morris Less
Nobody Puts Brady in the Corner
Now You Siemian Now You Don’t
OB Cool J
Odell It on the Mountain
Oh Henry
Play It Again, Cam
Pryor Convictions
Rawls Well That Ends Well
Russell and Flow
Sanu Dawn, Sanu Day
Sharpe Money
Shut Your Fucking Face Justin Tucker
Squad Sproles
Sterling Cooper
Sterling Reputation
Tate Me Home Tonight
Teddy Bridge Over Troubled Water
They Call Me Mr Diggs
Too Many Cooks
Treadwell and Carry a Big Stick
Turn Your Head and Goff
T.Y. Phone Home
The Upside Brown
Wentz in a Lifetime
Wham, Bam, Thankya Cam
What a Girl Wentz
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Torrey? (Hamilton reference)
Yippy Ki Yay Justin Tucker
You Aguayo Girl
You Down with JPP?
You Know Nothing, Dwayne Boye
Zeke and Ye Shall Find

NFL Week 1 Millionaire Maker

Art c/o Drew Amato

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