Funny First Tweets By NFL Players, Coaches And Teams

Twitter has become a technological touchstone in everyday life. From the clever to the flat-out mundane, most of us have tweeted something we aren’t proud of (oh, you think you’re invincible? Scroll through your timeline and tell me you don’t cringe. It’s the social media equivalent of hearing your own voice). Here we round up what some of the most popular football players, coaches and teams first tweeted… before they were check-mark verified and made it Twitter Big Time.

Denver Broncos – Feb. 21, 2009

Cutler was traded April 2.

New England Patriots – April 25, 2009

Do tell! Actually… don’t.

Rob Gronkowski – April 21-23, 2010

Can’t imagine who sponsored these.

NFL – April 23, 2009

No website links? Screwed up hashtags? #Ama teur

Pete Carroll – Jan. 21, 2009

Glad to see that tough rule-enforcement carried over to the NFL!

Roger Goodell – April 25, 2009

Matthew Stafford – July 21, 2010

Roger Goodell – April 26, 2009

Mark Sanchez – July 17, 2009

Agility (noun):

1. the power of moving quickly and easily
2. the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly

Roger Goodell – April 26, 2009

(“Because they were trying to punch me in the face”)

Jim Irsay – Dec. 1, 2010

Deep thoughts with the Indianapolis Colts owner.

Marshawn Lynch – June 5, 2011

Meaning, “Don’t get mad if I never reply to you, that’s just how I am.”

Larry Fitzgerald – May 21, 2009

Clay Matthews – Jan. 7, 2010

Aaron Rodgers – April 14, 2010

Homonyms are fun.

Andy Dalton – May 9, 2012

We can only hope American Idol inspired you to be competitive in 2015, Andy.

Demaryius Thomas – Feb. 23, 2010

And later that day, when his Honda Headline Tweet proved unresponsive to Twitter…


Finally, a series of special tweets from the San Diego Chargers

Even Chargers employees hate working for the Chargers.

Think he learned the “ends and outs”? The fact that the Chargers have “#Chargers” in their title name tells me… probably not.

Life updates!

And bringing it back to hating life as a Chargers employee.


And finally, the burning questions we all ask:

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