60 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names Inspired by Movies, TV and Music

What is fantasy football if not the perfect opportunity to rib your friends by taking pot-shots at their favorite teams? And what better way to really rub their noses in your superiority than to diss their favorite songs or films in the process? Here are some clever little fantasy football names from film, TV and music.


1. The Raiders: Straight Outta (In)Competence
2. Pirates of the Carr-ibbean: Curse of The Black Hole
3. I Love You, Amari Cooper
4. Good Will Punting
5. Carr-face
6. Le’Veon: The Professional

7. The Walking Dez
8. Pass Rush Hour
9. Polk Fiction
10. Who’s Afraid of Derek Wolfe?
11. Suh Like It Hot
12. We Are Brandon Marshall
13. The Hunt for Red January (Inspired by a certain redheaded Cincy QB that has trouble navigating the postseason)
14. The Burfict Murder
15. WALL-Eli

16. Kung Suh Panda
17. To Kill A Maclinbird
18. Boyz n the Hoodie
19. The Dumervil Horror
20. Wallace In Wonderland
21. Hennewhere But Here
22. Remember The (Tennessee) Titans?
23. Forte Year Old Virgin

24. Maclin’ Ain’t Easy
25. The (Waiver) Wire
26. Fresh Prince of Bellore
27. My Favre-ite Martian
28. Keenum & Kel


29. Cry Me A Philip Rivers

30. Puttin’ on the Blitz
31. Gurley’s Just Wanna Have Fun

32. (We Be Trindon’ At) The Holliday Inn
33. Watt Is Love?
34. Marquis Marq & The Funky Bunch
35. Love Is An Open Gore
36. Knock, Knock, Knockin’ On Evans’ Door
37. Smoke on the Bridgewater
38. Le’Veon La Vida Loca
39. I Newton You Were Trouble
40. Like A Surgeon

41. Kelce You Again
42. Quarless By A Rose
43. Quarless Whisper
44. You Down With JPP?
45. The Wizard Of AZ, Ari.(ans)
46. Discount Double Check-Yo Self
47. Take Me to The Riverboat, Ron
48. Bryce, Bryce Baby
49. Bryce Up Your Life
50. Darr-y On My Heyward Son
51. Let’s Get Murray’d
52. Spiller Me Timbers
53. Blue Royster Cult
54. I’m A Housler, Baby
55. UnWitten Law
56. The Sun’ll Come Out, Amaro
57. You Winston, You Lose Some
58. Smelter Kelter
59. Da’Ron Brown – Sandstorm
60. I’m Geno Knock You Out

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