3 Ways to Start Making Money on FanDuel

Are you finally ready to start playing daily fantasy sports at FanDuel? Maybe you’ve dabbled across some other daily fantasy sports sites, or maybe you’re just tired of the monotony of traditional fantasy sports, where you are stuck with your team whether you like it or not for an entire season. Lucky for you, FanDuel merges everything you love about traditional fantasy sports with the added excitement of being able to draft a new team each and every day if you want. All while having the chance to win life changing money.

First things first right? You’ll need a FanDuel account. By clicking here you can get started straight away and get the best possible FanDuel promotional offer. It takes only a few minutes, and it’s totally worth it.

Now, let’s get you 3 simple daily fantasy sports tips that will help you start winning on FanDuel immediately!

1. Don’t Be Scared By Variety

FanDuel was one of the first daily fantasy sports sites, and it’s also got a ton of different game types. Don’t let this intimidate you. You’ll notice leagues, tournaments, 50/50s, and head-to-head contests in the lobby. Bottom line is, the game is essentially the same regardless of the phrasing. The only real difference is how many people you are playing against.

In leagues, you are typically up against a capped field of players. Typically leagues are smaller groups, similar to the size of your group of friends who play seasonal fantasy sports.

Tournaments are where the big money is. These are open to thousands of players, and you can even draft more than one team if you’d like. Buy-ins are small, but with so many people if you draft an awesome team you can potentially take down a big score.

Head-to-head and 50/50s are both pretty similar. These are contests where you either win, or you lose, but as the title of them says you’ve pretty much got a 50/50 shot. In the head-to-head version, if your team scores more points than your opponent’s you win! The bigger entry leagues, if there are say 100 people that enter for five bucks each, the top 50 of them will win ten bucks, and the bottom 50 will have to try drafting a new team next time. Obviously with this format it’s going to take you a lot longer to become a fantasy sports millionaire, but hey, there certainly is nothing wrong with doubling your money playing fantasy sports!

The beauty of FanDuel is that you can play in only one of these types of leagues, or you can mess around with all of them. Find the format that works best for you and start drafting for real money!

2. Practice For Free With FanDuel Freerolls

We can hear you from over here saying “nothing in life is free…” but for reals, in this case FanDuel is offering up $20,000 in free fantasy sports leagues each and every month.

Playing freerolls on FanDuel is a great way to get comfortable with how the game works, which games you like playing most, be it fantasy football, fantasy basketball among others, and what strategies help you get to the top of the leader board each week.

Fanduel offers up some freerolls for beginning players to learn the game, but they also offer freeroll tournaments for returning players as well. Typically these allow you start from zero and win your way up to bigger events. For example, players on FanDuel can enter a free football league each week where the winner would win an entry in to their $300K NFL Bomb weekly guarantee.

As you start playing for money you’ll also notice that you’ve got valuable FanDuel Points, or FDP in your account. You’ll earn these by playing more tournaments and contests. You can use these FDP points to enter special freeroll events on FanDuel.

Bottom line? You don’t need to break the bank to become a big winner on FanDuel. There have been plenty of people who’ve started their bankroll with nothing, and won big money!

3. Bargain Hunters Boast The Biggest Wins

The beauty of daily fantasy sports is that no matter what, you can always draft the players YOU want without having to worry about your friend drafting them before you. That being said, you’ll need to manage your $60,000 salary cap very carefully. FanDuel assigns a value to each and every player, so the better they’ve performed all season (and historically) the more money they will cost. Winning players on FanDuel aren’t the guys who pick the best players each week, it’s the guys who can find the best bargains each week.

Sure, you can get away with keeping your line-up pretty straight forward in head-to-head, and 50/50s, but in order to win big on the big guaranteed leagues you’ll need to find some daily fantasy bargains. If you can pad your team with two or three players who have super cheap salaries that go off for big days, you are in store for a big day yourself.

Most people spend as little time as possible putting their teams together. Set it and forget it, right? Well, if you spend a few extra minutes checking out Fantasy Wired each week and taking a closer look at some match-ups, trust us you can find some really awesome value picks.

So there we have it. By taking a few short minutes to read this article, you’re now exponentially better at daily fantasy sports than most of the folks who are getting started on FanDuel.

Have some tips of your own? Leave them in the comments section below!

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