Daily Fantasy Soccer Explained for Beginners

If you’ve been a soccer fanatic for as long as you can remember, and you follow your favourite players every week, the chances are you’ve looked into how you can take that interest and knowledge further. Maybe you want daily fantasy soccer explained – the new skill game coming from the United States and about to hit to UK in a big way is offering huge prizes for winners. There are several daily fantasy sites that offer legal, real-money soccer games, including DraftKings, which is an American sensation you’re about to know all about. Read on for a behind-the-scenes journey into the exciting and life-changing world of daily fantasy sports (DFS).

How Does Daily Fantasy Soccer Work?

Daily fantasy sports is a new niche in the fantasy sports industry. It’s slightly different to Fantasy Premier League, which every workplace and newspaper has run contests for since 1993. Daily fantasy soccer involves contests that typically last for a day, a weekend or a week.

It works in this way: you pick the sport you’d like to play, pick a contest, and then you are given a list of players you can choose from, each of them carrying statistics taken from real-life match-play. The skill comes in picking a team that has a good combination of players that will earn you the maximum number of points, while also coming in under the “salary cap”.

The exact mechanics of the daily fantasy sports games varies depending on which game is being played. However, DraftKings players earn points for similar core events taking place on the pitch involving their fantasy team’s player. For example, if you have a player on your team who scores a goal, you earn a set number of points for that. The same goes with assists (where a player provides a goal), clean sheets in defence (games without conceding a goal), and, for a goalkeeper, saves.

You can play contests against friends or enter bigger games against fellow sports fans for very large cash prizes. Some daily fantasy soccer players take contests very seriously, and spend hours and hours compiling different team selections to take account of changes in form and fitness. However, even if you’re not a statistician, you can still play fantasy soccer and win.

When Does Fantasy Soccer Start?

Are you new to daily fantasy sports? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t a game that requires you to leap straight into a big-money match-up against seasoned players without practicing team selection first. Both DraftKings and Mondogoal have plenty of help screens that will assist you in picking a good team – but the bottom line is, you’ll need sharp selection skills based on how well you know your sport.

DraftKings is bringing big contests and prizes to the UK, and Mondogoal has been running real-money contests since 2014. On both sites, you need to register, and then you’ll be given the chance to see which contests are currently accepting players. Pick whoever you want, as long as you don’t have any more than the game allows from each real-life football team, and as long as the combined price of a team of 11 soccer players is no more than the specified salary cap. Now you’re ready to play daily fantasy soccer.

Our honest advice would be to practice your play on both sites and then make a consumer choice based on which game offers you the best daily fantasy soccer experience. Here at FantasyWired we have played both, and we can tell you that both have benefits, and it really depends on what kind of a gaming experience you prefer – one is not better than the other.

Don’t I Need to be a Stats Nerd to Win?

We’ll level with you – daily fantasy sports hasn’t had an easy ride in the media lately. By now you’ve read Bloomberg rail on about how you’ll only be a loser playing on daily fantasy sites because you aren’t good enough to win playing daily fantasy. However, we know that you can win if you treat contests with seriousness, without going overboard.

You don’t need spreadsheets full of player values, pass-completion numbers since the start of the season, and historical data on a goalkeeper’s cross-catching ability. If you’re willing to put in the hours, your chances of winning at daily fantasy soccer increase, but the most important thing to win is an understanding of which players have the skills to produce moments on the pitch that will contribute points for your fantasy soccer team. Pick a balanced team, with a good mix of good attackers and good defenders, and a keen understanding of which players represent the best value, and you could be a winner. For more information, check out our daily fantasy soccer strategy articles on FantasyWired.

So You’d Recommend Daily Fantasy Soccer, Then?

It all depends on you, but we are clear. At FantasyWired, we believe in being passionate about whatever we do, and our work on the fantasy sports industry is an absolute reflection of this. From this point of view, we know how we feel about this great strategy game. Do you play daily fantasy soccer yet? You should! Make sure you stick with us at FantasyWired for all the tips and tricks you need to hit to top of the league tables.

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