Why choose Mondogoal?

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  • Available in the United Kingdom as well as the U.S. and Canada
  • Very visually attractive, a joy to return to the site or app
  • User experience is just as good from computer, phone or tablet
  • All major European and global football leagues covered
  • Full step-by-step guidance to new players


  • No full-season mode
  • Only offers European football (no other sports)

Room info

Fantasy soccer (European football) has always been fun, but how about playing for real rewards? That’s what Mondogoal, one of the newest kids on the fantasy sports block, offers. Mondogoal is available for players in the U.S. Canada and the United Kingdom, and offers matchday, daily, and weekly contests across a variety of professional football leagues and tournaments.


Log on to Mondogoal and you’ll be confronted by a few simple options to set up your fantasy football gaming experience. First up, pick the league you’d like to play, from England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the USA, Mexico or international football.

You’ll then be taken through to the list of competitions, where you can pick a contest that will pit your wits against up to 10 opponents. Pick your team, from a variety of formations, and you’re away!

The crucial thing, as with all daily fantasy sports, is to pick your side with a knowledge of the players and teams. To help you do this, you’ve got all the statistics you’ll need on player form and fitness, at your fingertips, on Mondogoal. Not only that, it’s presented in a way that won’t make your head blow up in frustration.

Mondogoal allows you the chance to challenge your friends or play against fellow fans from around the world, either head-to-head, in leagues, or in tournaments. You can play for free or for real cash. Everything is 100% legal and winners take home real money.

As well as playing with players from one country, you can play across leagues in a “multi-league” format. Opta, the leading statisticians for football, bring the numbers that power the scoring system, enabling footballers to earn points in a variety of ways. Stats are updated live, for a truly compelling and unputdownable spectacle.


Rosters will consist of 11 players and must include players from at least three different teams. The positions to choose players are limited to: Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (D), Midfielder (MF) and Forward (F). Mondogoal makes the exclusive ruling on position eligibility and each player is only eligible at ONE of the four positions listed above.

Scoring Settings

Players will accumulate points as follows:

All Positions

Per minute played (up to 90): 0.02
Yellow Card: -2
Red Card: -5
Foul Won: 1
Foul Committed: -1


Goal: 7
Assist: 4
Shot on Target 2
Pass Completed: 0.03
Penalty Kick Missed: -5


Goal: 7
Assist: 4
Shot on Target 2
Pass Completed: 0.05
Penalty Kick Missed: -5
Clean Sheet (if 45 or more minutes played): 2
Single Goal Match (if 45 or more minutes played): 1


Goal: 7
Assist: 4
Clean sheet (if 45 or more minutes played): 4
Single Goal Match (if 45 or more minutes played): 2
Tackle won: 0.5
Pass Completed: 0.03
Pass Intercepted: 0.05
Penalty Kick Missed: -5


Save: 1
Penalty Kick Saved: 7
Tackle Won: 1
Goal Allowed: -2
Clean Sheet (if 45 or more minutes played): 6
Single Goal Match (if 45 or more minutes played): 3
Goals, shots, saves and any other statistics that occur during a penalty shootout do not count towards a player’s score.

Final Thoughts

With daily fantasy soccer is still in its infancy, Mondogoal is a great place to get your feet wet. Try out their free-to-play games, test your skills against the competition, and then play real-money games to win cash prizes. Most importantly, have fun watching your players rack up points while you move up the leaderboard!

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