Daily Fantasy Football: Eddie Royal, Victor Cruz Top WR Plays In Week 3

If you're anything like us, you've got a ticker in your living room counting down the seconds until the first week of NFL season so you can sweat your daily fantasy football picks. There is nothing better than relaxing with some beers, some wings, a sh'load of TV's on piping through the action while you sweat your lineup in either the million dollar guarantee on DraftKings, or some of the awesome contests on Star Fantasy Leagues.

Wide receiver is arguably the deepest position in fantasy football this season, but also arguably the hardest to predict production from, as a large dependency is placed on the QB hitting your man…preferably in the endzone. Especially in daily leagues, a combination of the WR’s talent, QB’s likeliness to target, and the defensive matchup will result in top-notch fantasy scoring.

With that said, here are our picks for Week 3:

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz does his celebratory touchdown salsa dance.

Sure-Thing Studs WRs for Week 3

These picks are the guys that will be filling the leader board all through the season. If you want to spend big money on your WR1 this week, these are the guys who you should target.

Victor Cruz, New York Giants — $7,900 vs. Carolina Panthers:

Through the first two weeks of play, Cruz has found the end zone three times. He has led the Giants in receptions, targets, and receiving yards both weeks, and with the running game in shambles…look for Eli to continue to take to the air in coming weeks, providing Cruz with lots of opportunity for fantasy points.

Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos — $7,900 vs. Oakland Raiders:

After a fairly pedestrian 5-reception game against the Giants, Thomas will look to reassert himself as the Broncos top WR. In Week 1 vs. Baltimore, Thomas caught 2 TDs and had over 150 yards receiving…we can realistically expect that from Demaryius if Peyton targets him often…the Raiders secondary certainly won’t be stopping him.

Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers — $7,200 vs. New England Patriots

Jackson has already had 2 TDs called back for penalties this season, and despite that has still managed to be relevant. He has racked up over 225 yards in 2 games, and is clearly QB Josh Freeman’s top target. The Patriots are no slouches on defense, but my prediction is that the defense will have their hands full with RB Doug Martin, and Freeman will be able to expose a hole and find Jackson for a score or two.

Eddie Royal, San Diego Chargers — $7,000 vs. Tennessee Titans

2 games….5 TDs…enough said. Well, not quite. This could be a flash-in-the-pan scenario, but if San Diego plans to keep scoring TDs, I’m not sure who else will be doing it. RB Ryan Mathews hasn’t shown much end zone interest, and WR Vincent Brown has also yet to score. If there is a Charger worth having this weekend, especially against the porous Titans…it’s Royal.

Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker returns a punt for a touchdown during his rookie season.

The “I Wanna Spend at Other Positions” WRs for Week 3

You aren’t looking to drop 1st pick money on a wideout this week? Not surprising, but there is a lot of value to be found in the middle of the pile. A few of these guys will find the leader board each week; it’s like finding a whole bunch of needles in a haystack…Ouch! Here are our best value picks for Week 3

Stevie Johnson, Buffalo Bills — $6,000 vs. New York Jets:

Johnson has looked renewed in Buffalo this season, and It’s safe to say that most of the reason is probably QB EJ Manuel. Johnson caught the game-winning TD last week, with just :02 seconds left, to beat the Panthers, and has proved that he is reliable down the stretch. Look for Manuel to give Johnson plenty more looks this week vs. a struggling Jets defense.

Eric Decker, Denver Broncos — $5,800 vs. Oakland Raiders: Broncos

QB Peyton Manning has always been known to spread the ball around to keep his receiver happy, and that’s exactly what happened last weekend. After a 2 catch performance in Week 1, Decker led the Broncos with 9 receptions for 87 yards in Week 2. Unfortunately, Decker still hasn’t found the end zone yet…but remember how Peyton likes to keep his receivers happy? I wouldn’t bet against Decker scoring vs. Oakland.

Brian Hartline, Miami Dolphins — $5,000 vs. Atlanta Falcons:

Hartline’s performance in Week 1 seems to have been a slight misnomer, but Hartline proved that he could still do plenty with just 8 targets. While he didn’t find the end zone in Week 2, teammate Mike Wallace had a breakout game, which means less coverage going forward for Hartline, and more possibilities to score.

Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb heads up field as San Diego Chargers defenders swarm the ball.

Week 3 Daily Fantasy Football Fools Gold

In a season-long league, there’s no way you will be sitting these guys. But, when you can make a new lineup every week, these are the guys who you will want to take a break from this time around. Whether it’s an unfavorable matchup, a lingering injury, a teammate on a hot streak, or the weather, we factor it all into making our picks for the players who will keep you from the $150K that DraftKings.com is putting up.

Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers — $8,300 vs. Cincinnati Bengals:

While Cobb has had 2 great fantasy weeks so far this season, and the Packers show no signs of slowing, the Bengals have a very strong secondary. With Packers RB Eddie Lacy sidelined with a concussion, the defense can play heavy pass coverage, and although QB Aaron Rodgers will still find holes in the zones, Cobb will likely attract double teams regularly this weekend.

Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts), $6,900 vs. San Francisco 49ers:

It looks like QB Andrew Luck has found a new top WR in Indy, and that’s T.Y. Hilton. While Wayne is still relevant in the Colts offense, and possibly the best player on the team, he had half the number of targets as Hilton in Week 2. With the tough 49ers defense coming up this week, I would highly recommend looking elsewhere this week. However, he is always a threat to bust a big play…but it’s just unlikely that it’ll happen vs. SF.

Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens — $6,000 vs. Houston Texans:

Smith has seen a lot of passes come his way so far this season, but he has yet to do much with them. In 21 targets, he has gained a respectable 177 yards, but has not found the end zone once. This weekend, RB Ray Rice may or may not be active, which will have a huge impact on Smith’s usage. If Rice is a no-go, then Smith will be getting target after target, but also double team after double team…and vs. the Texans…I don’t like his chances of being successful too many times.

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