Win A Seat To the DraftKings Million Dollar Guarantee At Fantasy Wired

This past weekend, DraftKings announced the launch of the DraftKings Million Dollar guarantee daily fantasy football contest which will take place during the NFL's opening weekend. Today,  we're excited to announce that loyal Fantasy Wired readers will have a chance to win a free $200 ticket in to the DraftKings Million Dollar Guarantee event for simply signing up for a DraftKings account, and making an initial deposit.

DraftKings Million Guarantee

Qualifying to win the ticket is pretty simple and is open through Monday, September 2nd, 2013. First you'll want to click on any of the DraftKings links, or banners you see here on Fantasy Wired. You'll than be taken to DraftKings, and will be prompted to create a user name and provide some additional details to create your account. From there, the last step in order to be eligible to win the $200 ticket is to make an initial deposit in to your DraftKings account. This can be done easily and safely through Paypal, or a number of other deposit methods.

Once you've signed up for your DraftKings account, and have made the deposit, you'll be entered in to a draw that will take place Tuesday, September 3rd 2013 where we will award one winner with a $200 ticket in to the $1,000,000 NFL Kick Off event. In addition, we're also awarding FIVE tickets in to the $100,000 guaranteed Hail Mary event, each with an $11 value. Oh, and for simply signing up and making that first deposit, Draftkings is hooking you up with a $2 ticket in to their $30,000 guaranteed Play Action event. So yeah, the only way you're losing is if you don't sign-up at all.

For those unsure of what the whole daily fantasy football craze is about, it's pretty awesome and you'll be playing with your friends and thousands of others at DraftKings in no time. Essentially, daily fantasy football gives you the opportunity to draft a new fantasy football team each week and compete against other fantasy football players at the chance of winning cash.

Daily fantasy football is 100% legal, and it's an awesome way to add some excitement to your football weekends. Sure, traditional fantasy football against your buddies is awesome — but does it give you the chance to win $150,000 by having one great week in an event like the DraftKings Million? No, it doesn't — but at DraftKings you can enter one, or more line-ups each week and win life-changing money!

Qualify Now For DraftKings Million Guarantee 

Why wait until mid-way through the NFL season to give daily fantasy football a try though, when DraftKings is offering such a sicko prizepool for the first weekend? Besides, as we said above you can win a $200 entry into the DraftKings Million Guarantee for simply signing up by following these four easy steps:

  • Click on any of the DraftKings links here at Fantasy Wired, or this DraftKings link right here before Monday September 2nd.
  • Create a new account by filling out the required information.
  • Make a 100% safe and secure deposit via any of DraftKings deposit options
  • Check back here at Fantasy Wired on September 3rd, where we'll announce the winners.

Ready to start winning cash playing daily fantasy football? Click here to create your DraftKings account, and become eligible to win the $200 ticket now! 

Win A Seat To the DraftKings Million Dollar Guarantee At Fantasy Wired 101

If you've got questions, or want to make sure your new DraftKings account is eligible — email:
 *Only new sign-ups through are eligible

FantasyWired Staff

FantasyWired Staff